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Sep 13 2021

Biden an Embarrassment on 9/11 Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 was a time for somber patriotism, not for the buffoonish moonbattery of the guy who surrendered Americans to the Taliban and who didn’t want to take out Osama bin Laden.

On Saturday, Biden amid a lineup of liberal elitists struck quite a contrast with patriots:

Here we see Biden uniting Americans by yelling at them:

Whatever Creepy Joe croaked, it probably wasn’t “God bless America.” He was booed and heckled for daring to defile a 9/11 remembrance at the World Trade Center with his presence:

At least he refrained from delivering a 9/11 address:

Biden, who voted to invade Iraq, co-managed eight years of the war on terror as vice president, and concluded the United States’s 20-year occupation of Afghanistan by forcing a fatal and chaotic retreat, declined to deliver a live address this week commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Unfortunately, he did open his mouth in Shanksville:

During a brief interaction with the press, the president asserted the victims of the attacks would likely be confused and disappointed by the voters who don’t like him. Biden also complained there’s no use in trying to fight al Qaeda wherever it has a foothold, which is a hell of a thing to declare in Shanksville on Sept. 11.

Biden rambled bitterly, upset not about terrorists murdering Americans but about flood victims who greeted him with profanities in New Jersey last week and possibly the “F*** Joe Biden” chant that has gained traction at public events throughout the country.

“What I’m thinking about today is what these people who — and I’ve got a piece of — a small piece of one of the beams they have — they gave me last time — or not last time, but how many times ago — and the flag they gave me,” Biden told reporters Saturday in Shanksville, explaining how he plans to unify the country. “And I’m thinking of, you know, what — what — of the people who died, what would they be thinking? They think it makes sense for us to be in this kind of thing, where you ride down the street and someone has a sign saying ‘F so and so’? Or — it’s not who we are.”

Too bad liberals don’t provide trigger warnings before saying “It’s not who we are,” so that we can get our barf bags ready.

A reporter lobbed him a typical softball: “Mr. President, what is going through your mind today, sir?”

Biden’s rambling, incoherent response qualifies him for admission to a psychiatric facility. One of the few nearly coherent sentences to emerge through the random jumble of words was this:

“There’s a lot of autocrats who truly believe that democracies can’t function in the 21st century.”

That was rich, coming from an autocrat who has caused many to wonder whether American democracy is still functioning.

Instead of letting him issue a proper address, Biden’s handlers released a prerecorded 9/11 message that has been described as “weird and disturbing”:

Watch (WARNING: this is creepy and strange and resembles not only “found footage” horror films but innumerable hostage videos):

If 8 years of Obama’s anti-Americanism hadn’t paved the way for it, we could almost hope that the Biden presidency is just a surreal nightmare that we might awaken from at any time.

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