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Sep 13 2021

Biden “Righteous” Drone Strike Kills Innocents

The 13 servicemembers who died at the Kabul airport as a result of Biden letting our Taliban enemies take charge of securing Americans’ safety aren’t the only casualties of Sleepy Joe’s incompetence and irresponsibility. Looks like his regime killed 10 innocent people including seven children in a politically motivated drone strike on August 29:

[Leftist apparatchik] Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called it a “righteous strike” and President Biden mentioned drone strikes as evidence the U.S. was hitting back against ISIS-K for the suicide bomber who killed 13 Americans.

An unflattering picture of the “righteous strike” is coming to light.

It killed Zemari Ahmadi, a longtime employee of the U.S. nonprofit Nutrition and Education International, who had wanted to emigrate to the U.S.

Ahmadi was collecting not explosives as previously thought but water, the supply of which to his neighborhood having ended after the Taliban were handed power.

The missile that killed him exploded in a crowded neighborhood and the dead included children who approached the car when it backed into a courtyard.

He had supposedly stopped earlier at an ISIS safe house. Actually, it was the office of the nonprofit.

The idea was for Biden to get credit for avenging those he got killed at the airport. The result was another incident America’s enemies can exploit to depict the USA as a nation of Joe Bidens that deserves to be destroyed.

Biden had promised revenge, and the Pentagon quickly followed with a strike on two ISIS plotters outside Kabul. The Pentagon still hasn’t released the names of those two, which is odd.

The two “ISIS plotters” were probably innocent as well. Otherwise, Biden would be crowing about them. Then came the strike on Ahmadi.

One question is whether anyone in the White House signed off on the strike against Ahmadi. Another is whether Mr. Biden demanded some show of force against ISIS-K. The point isn’t to blame the Reaper drone pilot. The goal is to get those at the top of the Administration to start telling the truth, and taking responsibility, for the calamitous Afghan withdrawal.

These questions are unlikely to be answered. If Biden and his inner circle had any inclination to take responsibility, they already would have resigned.

So much for the supposed “over the horizon” capabilities that will make it possible to prevent Afghanistan from hosting another 9/11.

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