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Oct 25 2021

Biden Builds Wall — Around One of His Mansions

After inviting the entire Third World to cross the essentially undefended southern border and avail itself of extravagant benefits at the expense of American taxpayers, Biden put a stop to construction of Trump’s border wall, even paying $5 million per day of our money for it not to be built. Unsurprisingly, the invaders come and keep coming to displace us as intended. But Biden isn’t completely against walls. He is spending half a $million of our money to build one around one of his mansions.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Homeland Security awarded a $456,548 contract in September to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders, a Delaware construction company, to erect the security barrier, according to

The seaside mansion was purchased for $2.7 million in 2017, and is no doubt worth much more now. But it is not the primary residence (other than the White House) owned by the opulently wealthy “public servant.” His arrogance has allowed him to make a vast fortune influence peddling, employing relatives as bagmen.

Biden has only visited this property twice since taking power. This is despite taking 25 trips to his home in Delaware in addition to several vacations.

Maybe he doesn’t often use the seaside mansion because he is afraid the global warming ideology that justifies much of his agenda will become real and the seas will rise up to wash the mansion away. But no, the pricey security fence is to keep us out, not the ocean.

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