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Jan 09 2023

Biden Compares Illegals to Jews, Making Us the Nazis

The crisis Joe Biden actively caused at the border is so noticeably out of control that he has finally deigned to participate in a Potemkin visit to the disaster zone. He even has a solution — amnesty:

Ahead of President Biden’s first-ever visit to the southern border, both the president and top members of his administration have renewed calls for a sweeping immigration bill that includes a mass amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants despite it being a non-starter for many Republicans.

Amnesty would splash gasoline onto the flames, confirming that all invaders must do is break into our effectively unguarded country in their many millions and they will be made into citizens, with full access to grotesquely extravagant welfare programs. More to the point for Democrats, the foreign colonists will be able to vote without the inconvenience of cheating.

Biden is importing illegal aliens into the country in staggering numbers that cannot be absorbed. It would be absurd to expect him to stop now. Late last week, he compared illegal immigrants to Jews fleeing the Holocaust, after a reporter asked if they have a human right to invade our country:

“Well, I think it is a human right if your family is being persecuted,” Biden responded. “I thought it was a human right for, you know, Jews in Germany to be able to go — to get to escape and get help where they could.”

They all claim to be persecuted. They turn themselves in, demanding asylum. Then they disappear into the country (dispersed by own government), aware they we do not have the resources to track them down years later when courts get around to denying their claims.

Biden’s outlandishly inappropriate comparison reveals the progressive mentality. Grasping invaders who exploit Democrats’ treasonous refusal to defend the border are seen as victims, even as they arrive from every corner of the world to violate our laws and sovereignty.

In the liberal religion, anyone acknowledged as a victim is sacred. Those who oppress them are demonic and profane.

If illegal aliens are the Jews, who are the Nazis? We are, if we lift a finger to defend ourselves.

Border authorities are the equivalent of the SS. That’s why the Biden Regime aggressively sides with illegal aliens against the Border Patrol, going so far as to persecute agents already cleared of wrongdoing after absurd media claims that they were whipping invaders from Haiti.

The American people have never had a worse enemy than the leftist radicals who currently control the levers of power. They are stealing our country out from under us so as to destroy it in service to their cultural Marxist ideology and so as to replace it with a Third World country that will be easier to rule.

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