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Feb 04 2023

Biden Fails to Respond to ChiCom Spy Balloon

Some say balloons are an obsolete means of spying on an enemy with whom you are expected soon to be at war, because these holdovers from the 19th century are easier to shoot down than satellites. However, our ChiCom adversaries have obviated this shortcoming by planning ahead. First, they purchased the inept corruptocrat the liberal establishment later installed as our Commander in Chief. This preparation having been made, China has dispatched a surveillance balloon over Montana, home to the nuclear missile field at Malmstrom Air Force Base that the ChiComs would be keen to take out.

Even under the clownish moonbat apparatchiks Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley, the US military is aware of the balloon, which the ChiComs admit is theirs but smirkingly claim is a weather balloon. However, our “leaders” say they can’t shoot it down because people might get hurt by falling debris.

The population density of Montana is seven people per square mile. Apparently, despite the $trillions upon $trillions consumed by the federal government, it lacks the resources to destroy the balloon in such a way that it won’t land on someone.

It’s not as if there has been no response. Our gelatinous Secretary of State is teaching the ChiComs a lesson by postponing a trip to China. Pointless meetings between international bureauweenies are no fun if Antony Blinken isn’t there to laugh at.

A second balloon has already been spotted over Canada.

Maybe it’s just a test. If NORAD can’t stop balloons, Xi Jinping need have no qualms about sending nuclear missiles. Promptly shooting down the balloons might allow us to analyze the information the ChiComs have been collecting, to see what they have planned for us. But our leadership is so useless that they might be allowed to float back to the land of Joe Biden’s paymasters.

Despite his willingness to side with our enemies as he did in Afghanistan, despite being weakness personified, Biden isn’t the whole problem. The entire Democratic Party is irresponsible, inept, and uninterested in American interests. The Chinese have exploited this. Veteran Senator Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur was a Chinese spy. Only when Republicans took control of Congress was Eric Swalwell finally kicked off the House Intelligence Committee, despite having been seduced by a Chinese spy. (Fang Fang says hi.)

At least we can stop worrying about China conquering Taiwan. No longer having access to the computer chips that make everything go will be the least of our problems if they are collecting intelligence for a direct nuclear attack on the USA.

Having better leadership, Indians would have known just how to deal with enemy balloons:

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