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Aug 20 2021

Why Biden’s Handlers Did This to the USA in Afghanistan

As Lara Logan has explained, the Afghanistan debacle was deliberate. Even if the demented puppet Biden has no idea what he is doing, his string-pullers do. The question is why they are doing it.

To find the answer, Christopher Skeet looks to Barack Obama, whom Biden served as a witless sidekick. Obama was elected on a platform of openly despising the nation he promised to “fundamentally transform” into a totally different country.

Via American Thinker:

Every time he could, Obama favored strict Islamist regimes over Western-friendly governments. Whenever overseas pro-democracy demonstrators flew American flags, Obama reflexively sided with their oppressors. He removed sanctions from Cuba and Iran and asked for nothing in return. The JCPOA, the Paris Accords, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership were specifically designed to weaken American power behind the flimsy guise of noble causes.

Anti-American Obamunists are among Biden’s puppeteers. Their policy of deliberately undermining America and its allies continues.

We just let the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, Cuba, and Iran know that they don’t have our support, other than the occasional week-too-late hashtag. We just let our allies in Taiwan, Ukraine, South Korea, and Israel know that we folded like wet paper to illiterate pedophiles in pickup trucks, so good luck against the million-man professional armies who are busy reassessing the futility of your current ceasefires.

Biden’s handlers have stressed the symbolism of a disorderly retreat from Afghanistan, the 9/11 staging ground strategically located between our three most threatening adversaries, China, Iran, and Russia:

We abandoned Bagram Air Base on July 4, 2021. Biden originally planned to complete the withdraw on September 11th. These aren’t flukes, nor the clockwork stupidity of our government’s well-credentialed experts. These were specifically designed as symbolic humiliations of America, by people who hate America, who are being paid six figure salaries to do so by America.

Biden invited the entire Third World to pour into America and enjoy lavish benefits. Then he opened the border and it remains open, with devastating consequences that have only begun to unfold. This cannot be explained by incompetence, but only by treason. The same is true of Democrats’ unfunded, multi-$trillion frivolous spending spree that will crush the country with debt and inflate our savings to worthlessness. The same is true of Afghanistan.

The left, including its swamp bureaucrats who administer our wars, has no qualms with what happened in Kabul. They support Biden’s grotesque withdraw not in spite of its consequences for America, but because of them.

Local police and the military have been among the last institutions to hold out against leftist subversion. They remain pillars of Americanism and resistance to the progressive agenda. Democrats and their media have employed Black Lives Matter as a sledgehammer to smash the police. The military is being eaten from within by tapeworms like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley. Like demonized and defunded local police, the armed forces are undergoing strategic demoralization, so as make it impossible to obtain quality recruits:

What young, idealistic American would enlist to defend a country that doesn’t let them win wars, forces them to retreat from 7th century quadrupeds, all the while having one’s own patriotism questioned and slandered by woke Pentagon careerists who blather about “white rage” and who remove Mahan and Clausewitz from the reading lists in favor of Ibram X. Kendi?

Not merely losing in Afghanistan but running away in disgrace, abandoning thousands of Americans as well as vast stores of weapons in the hands of terrorists sworn to our destruction, serves well to advance an Obama-style foreign policy by making it clear that the USA cannot be counted on to defend its allies from the aggression of tyrants.

Amplified across the world, the message of the left is: If America will sell you out to the Taliban, they won’t even think about lifting a finger to the Iranians and North Koreans, much less the Chinese and Russians.

It isn’t only the Taiwanese and Ukrainians who will suffer:

Our kids’ grandkids will be fighting the wars that result from this and will likely do it alone. Far from being a tragedy, our abandonment of Afghanistan was one of the left’s biggest foreign policy successes.

That may be overoptimistic. At the current pace of the decline Democrats are imposing, America won’t last that many generations.

Abraham Lincoln had it right:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln

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