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Oct 16 2021

Biden Gets Handsy With Another Little Girl

You might be able to teach an old dog new tricks, as when Biden dropped a relatively moderate posture to become the figurehead for transformative leftists. Getting them to forget their old tricks is another matter. Creepy Joe’s most disturbing tricks result from his well-documented handsiness around children.

“When I talked to all your folks out on the playground, as I joked, everybody knows I like kids better than people,” Biden croaked at an event in Hartford, Connecticut yesterday. “Fortunately, they’re like me. Maybe that’s why I like them.”

At the same event, he demonstrated yet again how much he likes them:

With anyone else, this would be dismissed as an accident. Not with Biden — especially not after Maria Piacesi grew up to confirm that yes, he pinches their nipples.

You wouldn’t trust this guy to babysit your school-age daughter. Why would you trust him as head of state?

On a tip from Wiggins.


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