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Oct 19 2021

#MeToo Still Claims Scalps as Biden Skates

Just because the White House is occupied by a creepy character infamous for inappropriately touching little girls who has been credibly accused of sexual assault does not mean that the #MeToo reign of terror is over. Those who are sufficiently useful to leftists can do whatever they please. For those who are not, accusation still equals guilt:

Former San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim publicly apologized for bringing a former aide accused of rape to a political event last month.

The former aide, Jon Jacobo, is a Mission District organizer who was considered a rising political star until two months ago when tenant rights activist Sasha Perigo went public with accusations that Jacobo had sexually assaulted her in April.

A left-wing activist’s accusation can snuff out a budding career. Believe all women means any woman at all.

Perigo, 26, did not file a police report and Jacobo, 33, has denied the charges on the grounds that the sex was consensual.

Nonetheless, he resigned his seat on the Building Inspection Commission and is now treated as a political leper.

Kim was among politicos seen as trying to support Jocobo, and perhaps resuscitate his career by inviting him to the Pak event, for which she was condemned by the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee.

“I am relieved to see Jane Kim commit to the SFWPC’s call to action,” Perigo said in a statement, adding that those who commit sexual assault and abuse “should be cast out of public life.”

Tara Reade could not be reached for comment.

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