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Jun 16 2021

Biden on Whether Putin Is Still a Killer

Joe Biden recently displayed his diplomatic expertise by denouncing Vladimir Putin as a “killer.” Will he still call Putin a killer, now that he has to meet him face to face? Biden clarified in the runup to today’s summit in Geneva:

USA Today warned that “Putin may try to … make Biden look incompetent or dysfunctional.” Doable, you think?

Regarding Putin being a killer, few would suspect him of killing people personally. He is accused of heading a regime that has killed people. Ashli Babbitt was killed by an agent of her own government, which refused to bring charges against her murderer or even release his identity, evidently for reasons related to political ideology. The figurehead of that regime — i.e., Biden — is a killer in the same sense, or at the very least an accomplice after the fact.

On a tip from Jester.


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