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Dec 17 2019

Shopping in San Francisco

San Francisco is so full of wokeness that the sidewalks are covered in human waste. But why should the legions of drug-addled derelicts attracted by the city’s liberal policies stay out on the sidewalk?

At least the guy with the manbun is preparing to wipe after having left that load on the floor. It shows that some vestigial conception of hygiene remains.

The store’s bathrooms were reportedly available for his use at the time, but habits are hard to break, as any junky can tell you.

It’s a vicious cycle. The worse the situation gets, the more the moonbats in charge bleat about the plight of the homeless and throw money at them, the worse the situation gets. Sane voters get the hell out of there, leaving the moonbats in charge ever more authority to reduce a beautiful city into a literal cesspool to show how much they revere the oppressed homeless.

Already the tailspin is so out of control that San Francisco just elected Chesa Boudin District Attorney. Boudin is the offspring of Weather Underground terrorists David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin. He was raised by the other Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn while his parents sat in jail. He ran on a platform of opposing the police and of not prosecuting quality of life crimes like public defecation.

On tips from Sean C, Rapinhoe, and robbanks.

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