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Jul 19 2021

Biden Regime Emulates China’s Social Credit System

With technology, China tends to copy the USA, often resorting to theft of intellectual property. But when it comes to imposing totalitarianism, the Chinese are decades ahead of us. Our Democrat rulers have been watching and learning.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes the Social Credit System imposed in communist China:

The Social Credit System is a national blacklist… The program initiated regional trials in 2009, before launching a national pilot with eight credit scoring firms in 2014. … In 2018, these efforts were centralized under the People’s Bank of China with participation from the eight firms. By 2020, it was intended to standardize the assessment of citizens’ and businesses’ economic and social reputation, or ‘Social Credit’.

The credit system is closely related to China’s mass surveillance systems such as Skynet, which incorporates facial recognition system, big data analysis technology, AI and Project Maven.

Playing loud music, jaywalking, making hotel reservations and not showing up, and smoking where you aren’t supposed to are examples of the trivial behavior tracked by the government and applied to your social credit rating. You can improve your credit rating by praising government policies on social media.

Those with low scores may be denied access to public transportation and universities. Those with high scores are rewarded with hiring priority and shorter waiting time at hospitals.

We may soon have a similar system in the USA. Here as in China, it starts with government involvement in credit scoring.

Via Forbes:

If President Biden has his way, he will create a public credit reporting agency (CRA) to compete with the three major credit bureaus and maybe one day replace them altogether.

With the federal government in charge, your credit rating will have less to do with whether you pay your bills.

The proposal suggests that a government-run CRA could fix a credit reporting system that frequently holds consumers back from becoming homeowners due to problems like credit reporting errors and racial disparities.

The racial emphasis will be the main difference between our Social Credit System and the Chinese original. In order to eliminate “disparities,” whites will be docked points, whereas blacks will have points added.

The financial collapse of 2008 was brought about largely by the federal government leaning on banks to offer mortgages based on race rather than ability to pay, in accordance with another CRA, the Community Reinvestment Act. Here we go again:

The Biden Administration believes a public CRA could advance racial equity by removing obstacles to homeownership for Black, Latino and Native families.

The cultural Marxist applications are endless. Not only Caucasians but people who are heterosexual, cis-gender, Christian, etc. can expect to lose points. Ditto people believed to have attended Trump rallies or other deplorable activities, or who have disseminated “misinformation” online.

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