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Jul 26 2021

UK Launches App to Monitor Dietary Habits

The Biden Regime isn’t the only Western government to emulate China’s totalitarian Social Credit System. Under Boris Johnson, the British nanny state will impose something similar to ensure subjects eat as the Experts feel they should.

The supposedly Conservative government will launch an app by the end of the year to monitor the supermarket spending habits of families in the UK. Those who choose “healthier” options such as fruits and vegetables or engage in exercise will be rewarded with “loyalty points” in the app, which will translate into discounts and other incentives.

If everyone eats right and exercises, maybe socialized medicine will become sustainable.

The outgoing head of the [NHS], Lord Stevens said that the UK’s socialised healthcare system will be weighed down in the future if the government failed to tackle the rising obesity in the country.

Stevens complained about “the obesogenic food environment that children and poorer communities are exposed to.”

That’s why Third Worlders exploit undefended borders to colonize the welfare states of the West. Back where they came from, obesity is one health problem poor people don’t have to worry about.

Eventually, unsustainable entitlement spending will collapse welfare/nanny states into straightforward Marxism (as planned), and only the oligarchs will have to contend with obesity. In the meantime, Big Government will chide and nudge intrusively with its new app.

Johnson came to power pretending to want less government.

As a candidate for the Tory Party leadership two years ago, Johnson pledged a review of “sin stealth taxes” and promised to end the “continuing creep of the nanny state”.

Since then, he has overseen some of the most draconian Covid restrictions in the world. Tyranny is not always about redistributing wealth. These days, our own health is often the pretext.

Last month, the government announced that “new laws will ban the advertising of food high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS) on television and online before 9 p.m. when children are most likely to see them.”

This month a government-backed review also called for increased taxes on sugar and salt, ostensibly in order to reduce obesity…

The review went on to say that Britons should seek out “alternative” sources of protein in lieu of eating meat, including consuming lab-grown meat, which they claimed was better for the environment.

If they don’t have the belly for lab-grown meat, maybe they would prefer to dine on plastic trash.

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