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Dec 27 2022

Biden Regime Suppresses Statistics on Border and Guns

For a malevolent regime opposed to the interests of its people, statistics are no friend. The media can be counted on to selectively suppress them. But because there are alternative information outlets available for those curious enough to step outside the liberal establishment propaganda bubble, extra measures sometimes need to be taken. Examples include the key issues of leaving the border open to displace the population and the inevitable upcoming gun grab.

Regarding the border, a directive went out to all Customs and Border Protection managers prohibiting them from releasing apprehension statistics without explicit permission from Alejandro Mayorkas’s DHS:

The impact of the order is already evident from the lack of routine posts on social media accounts from several Border Patrol sectors. The content typically offers weekend or weekly recaps of migrant crossing statistics and other notable enforcement actions.

Prior to the policy change, on December 12, El Paso Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez provided a weekend recap revealing a three-day average of more than 2,460 migrants entering the city.

This number was brought down dramatically, not by closing the border, but by closing people’s mouths:

On [December 20], Jaquez tweeted a 48-hour recap that was limited to 57 migrant apprehensions related to organized smuggling schemes interdicted by Border Patrol agents within the sector.

Biden’s handlers are worried that if people understood the scale of the invasion, they would rise up to save their country from obliteration.

People rising up will become ever more of a danger as the leftist agenda is advanced, requiring them to be disarmed. In preparation for this, gun statistics are also suppressed:

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) deleted a reference to a study it commissioned after a group of gun-control advocates complained it made passing new restrictions more difficult. …

The advocates focused their complaints on the CDC’s description of its review of studies that estimated defensive gun uses (DGU) happen between 60,000 and 2.5 million times per year in the United States–attacking criminologist Gary Kleck’s work establishing the top end of the range.

“[T]hat 2.5 Million number needs to be killed, buried, dug up, killed again and buried again,” Mark Bryant, one of the attendees, wrote to CDC officials after their meeting.

Some hardcore leftists literally believe that guns are more dangerous to their owners than to those they protect their owners against. Propagating this absurd belief is not easy in the face of facts, so the facts are suppressed.

If the truth is Democrats’ enemy, Democrats are your enemy.

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