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Oct 22 2021

Biden to “Protect” Our Savings in Name of Fake Crisis

Forcibly subordinating wealth to moonbattery doesn’t stop with your retirement account. All money is subject to federal control in the name of leftist ideology. The woke propagandists at Business Insider are delighted:

[Last] Friday, Biden unveiled a 40-page report titled “A Roadmap to Build a Climate-Resilient Economy,” which focuses on mitigating the financial risks climate change puts on people’s retirements, pensions, savings, and more. This follows up on an executive order the president signed in May that was dedicated to analyzing and mitigating the risk the climate crisis poses to homeowners, businesses, consumers, and the government.

By “mitigating the risk” posed by the weather, Democrats do not mean taking adaptation measures to prepare for inevitable climate fluctuation. They mean suppressing economic activity and wasting vast sums of wealth on Green New Deal nonsense.

Specifically, the report outlines a “whole-of-government” approach to promoting the resilience of the US financial system to climate-related risks, protecting life savings and pensions, incorporating climate-related financial risk into federal lending like mortgages, and building more resilient infrastructure.

“Whole-of-government” refers to a totalitarian focus on inflicting leftist ideology by all available means. “Protecting” means exerting control over; the implications in the present context are unclear but alarming. “Resilient infrastructure” refers to green boondoggles.

Biden pledged during his campaign to reduce fossil-fuel usage, and he is pushing for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion social-spending bill to be passed, which includes investments to combat the climate crisis, such as green affordable housing.

Creating a nation of Cabrini Greens will improve the weather, as surely as Biden’s “campaign to reduce fossil-fuel usage” has kept gas prices so manageable.

While there’s no question on the urgency of the crisis, the Bank of America economist Ethan Harris wrote in a Friday note that actions addressing the climate crisis will likely hurt economic growth “during the transition from a dirty to green economy” because workers will need to move from one sector to another.

As someone once said, “Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” Here’s some real truth that you can confirm for yourself by stepping outdoors: There is no climate crisis. The weather is no more of a danger than it always has been and always will be. Stating that there is “no question on the urgency” of a crisis that plenty of people understand to be imaginary is not journalism; it is a brazen lie. If the global warming hoax were less relentless and ubiquitous, people would laugh it off instead of letting Democrats exploit it to confiscate our money, expand their power over us, and lower our standard of living.

The idea that shifting from efficient to inefficient energy will impose only transitory economic harm is preposterous. Vastly less wealth will be created when energy costs vastly more. That means jobs will be scarcer and less remunerative.

But in the long term, as Harris noted, the stunted economic growth will be well worth it.

Worth it for what? There will be no benefit whatsoever except to power-hungry Democrats and the crony capitalists who receive a return on political donations through flagrantly corrupt green energy money-laundering operations like those that flourished under Obama.

“We are clear-eyed to how climate change poses a systemic risk to our economy,” National Economic Council deputy director Bharat Ramamurti said on the press call. “We are taking a precautionary approach that reflects the fact that inaction is not an option.”

How wonderful that the capable Joe Biden can perfect the weather, and all it will cost us is property rights as Democrats tighten control over our money.

To a leftist, property is theft. By that, they mean that your property is their property. That’s why Democrats regard tax cuts as an expenditure. It is why every penny you have is subject to their control in the name of the weather.

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