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Jan 10 2021

Big Tech Suppresses #WalkAway

Big Tech bullies were not about to stop with stifling the POTUS. If they can ban Trump, they can ban anyone — including Brandon Straka of the #WalkAway campaign:

#WalkAway encourages Democrats to leave the party, as Straka did. That’s not the sort of thing you can do on Facebook these days.

Straka belongs to a politically sacred “marginalized” group, being openly gay. Yet the heel of censorship comes down on his face as if he were just another white male. This reminds us that identity politics is a sham. There are only two identities that matter to leftists: those who support them, and those they want to crush.

To cook an ideologically homogeneous omelet, you have to break a few eggs:

Like a lot of people right of center, Straka is also getting hit hard in terms of thousands of disappearing Twitter followers. At least he can be thankful that we are still at the soft tyranny stage, so he won’t be disappeared in the middle of the night for the time being.

Silicon Valley tyrants are wise to suppress Straka’s movement now. After a few months of rule by Biden’s handlers, leaving the Democrat Party will have increasing appeal.

Hat tips: Right Scoop, Pirate’s Cove.


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