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Feb 12 2021

Black Lives Matter Masks at the Workplace

Militants have taken to wearing Black Lives Matter masks to their jobs, so as to intimidate customers and coworkers. Given that BLM pushes a violent ideology based in racism, Marxism, and hatred of America and is responsible for hundreds of riots and $2 billion in property damage over the past year, business managers are not thrilled.

Whole Foods is owned by belligerently left-wing Amazon, which gave $10 million to the Afrocentric cause in response to BLM violence and crushed Parler for offering an alternative to leftist social media platforms. Yet Whole Foods pushed back and succeeded in moonbattery-addled Cambridge, Massachusetts:

A federal judge dismissed most counts of a lawsuit filed against Whole Foods by employees claiming they were being racially discriminated against and that their right to free speech was being violated because of a policy against wearing Black Lives Matter face masks at work.

Whole Foods has a dress code that bans “visible slogans, messages, logos or advertising,” but rules don’t usually apply to BLM activists, who have been allowed to ignore laws against rioting, looting, vandalism, and arson for almost a year now.

The Girl and the Fig, a restaurant in Sonoma, California, doesn’t want employees alienating and/or frightening the customers with Black Lives Matter masks either. Unlike Whole Foods, it is not big enough to stand up to the bullies without sustaining serious damage.

Former server Kim Stout, who has since quit rather than follow the rules, demanded that the restaurant either post a Black Lives Matter sign or let her wear a BLM mask. When it didn’t comply with her command, she ran to local media. Screechs Stout:

“As a Brown queer fem person, standing up for the marginalized has always been important to me. I know how it feels to walk around in downtown Sonoma when you have darker skin than others and getting those sideway stares.”

The restaurant tried to be obliging, even posting on Facebook,

“We do and have always believed in Black Lives Matters and we know it is a human right issue.”

The human rights mob has responded by bombarding the restaurant with “negative and hateful reviews” on Yelp and even death threats, forcing it to close.

A Black Lives Matter rally is now scheduled Sunday in front of the restaurant. It wasn’t clear when the business would re-open.

They can count themselves lucky if they don’t get firebombed.

At least there is no question who the bad guys are, even if the media sides with them.

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