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Dec 14 2020

BLT Sandwich Menaces Indigenous Peoples

There can be no cultural give and take, because moonbats can only dish it out, not take it. The campus rock at Northwestern University that students are allowed to paint and decorate however they please serves as an example.

Someone painted it to look like a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Then someone gave it a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving. Militant moonbats took umbrage at the pilgrim hat.

The devoutly PC Daily Northwestern reports:

Nikki McDaid-Morgan, a Ph.D. candidate from the Shoshone-Bannock Nation, said the Pilgrim Rock “wasn’t acceptable,” leading her and other Indigenous graduate students to take action.

McDaid-Morgan, who sneeringly refers to Thanksgiving as “Thankstaking,” despises the unwokedness of her fellow Northwesterners:

The Rock painted as a Pilgrim, McDaid-Morgan said, showed that some are upholding a pro-Pilgrim narrative that harms Indigenous people and obscures the real history behind Thanksgiving.

Americans are supposed to cower in guilty shame and hate their heritage, not uphold pro-Pilgrim narratives like a bunch of thought criminals.

McDaid-Morgan and a group of fellow vandals went on the warpath, not only splashing the pilgrim hat with red paint but painting radical slogans all over a nearby wall.

Then the unthinkable happened. There was pushback — light-hearted humorous pushback, but pushback all the same.

On the morning of Thanksgiving, which many Indigenous people observe as the National Day of Mourning, McDaid-Morgan and others found their messages had been painted over.

Within 24 hours after they had painted “BLM” on The Rock in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the words had been changed to “BLT Sandwich.” “Natives Only” was changed to “Olives Only” and “Native Land” was changed to “Nativity.”

Outraged that anyone would dare talk back, moonbats are in full crybully mode:

Northwestern Graduate Workers put out a statement calling the incident “hostile” and “heartless,” noting that it occured [sic] on the National Day of Mourning and during National Native American Heritage Month.

“These messages pose a threat to Native graduate workers, students, faculty, and staff at Northwestern and are thus intolerable to us as an antiracist and feminist labor union that supports Indigenous soverignty [sic] and resurgence, including the central demand of ‘land back,’” the statement read.

Guess we had better all pack up and head back to the land of our birth.

Syd González, a Ph.D. candidate who painted The Rock with McDaid-Morgan, said the incident was the “epitome of Indigenous erasure.”

Actually, the Cleveland Indians changing their name does a lot more to erase Indians than temporarily altering “BLM” into “BLT sandwich.”

Soon McDaid-Morgan and Gonzalez will have PhDs. We’ll be expected to call them “Doctor,” as with fellow PhD holders Christine Blasey Ford and Jill Biden. They will command reverence, and their opinions will be granted extra weight, regardless of the unseriousness of the subjects in which PhDs can be acquired.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Varla. Hat tips: College Fix, Legal Insurrection.


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