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Apr 11 2022

Boston Makes Buses Electric at $350,000 Apiece

Good thing taxpayers have plenty of money, because there is no limit to how much moonbats will waste on green posturing.

From Boston:

The city’s moving toward electrifying its school buses, dropping $7 million on making 20 of them run on batteries as Mayor Michelle Wu seeks to do the same with the other 97.3% of them by 2030.

That comes to $350,000 per converted bus. For that money, why not just make them from scratch out of platinum?

“It is a significant investment,” Wu acknowledged when asked about the price.

“Investment” is Democratese for “senseless waste.”

Then she insulted the intelligence of her constituents with the outrageous lie that this represents “a cost savings over the long run.”

Not even the fools who voted for her could believe that flushing $7 million down the toilet will save money. It’s worth it though, to save Boston and the rest of the world from climate change.

No doubt the electrified buses will reduce global temperatures significantly. Otherwise, why bother? Bostonians had better bundle up this winter, and pray that the buses’ batteries work in the cold.

As for where the $7 million came from:

This money is already budgeted from the schools’ operating budget and federal relief money, school officials said.

As your dollar buys ever less, be reassured that the federal government’s debasement of American currency through wanton spending at least helped Boston to make the weather cooler — assuming you believe that virtue signaling really does impact temperatures.

Bad as things are now, they will always get worse, so long as Democrats remain in control. Wu says all the buses must be electric by 2030…

If all the buses cost $350,000 each to electrify, that’s a total of $258.6 million.

If taxpayers are lucky, by then global warming will cause the seas to rise up and wash Boston away, in accordance with Al Gore’s prophesies.

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