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Mar 22 2023

Boston School Gives Sex Survey to Preteens

In sane times, these creeps would have been arrested for corrupting the morals of minors. Now, they run our schools:

A Boston public school elicited outrage among parents this week when it presented pre-teen students with an explicit survey asking them about their sexual history, including whether they’ve performed oral sex.

The survey asks children if they are transgender, how many sexual partners they have had, and whether they have considered suicide, planting concepts in their minds that do not belong there.

The principal of Eliot K-8 Innovation School in a Thursday letter to parents acknowledged the “many concerns” over the survey, which was administered [last] Wednesday to some sixth- and seventh-graders.

Despite the token acknowledgement, these concerns will be essentially ignored. Parents who push the issue at school board meetings will have the FBI to answer to.

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