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Jun 28 2022

Boy Scouts March Under the Flag of Their Conquerors

Once Boy Scouts of America was a wholesome pillar of a healthy society. That’s why leftists had to destroy it.

LGBT militants bullied their way in. Spineless BSA bureaucrats were too terrified of being called homophobes even to defend children. Child sexual abuse suits predictably reduced the organization to bankruptcy. Membership went into a nose dive. Here’s what’s left of the Boys Scouts now:

The same parade featured adults cavorting fully naked in front of kids.

Formerly, the Boy Scouts instilled patriotism. Scouts are taught differently now. As Not the Bee notes,

The Boy Scouts of America now carry LGBT flags at the same height, or even higher, than the Stars & Stripes.

Before long Old Glory will be phased out completely in favor of the flag of their conquerors.

Anything the left is allowed to infiltrate, it will subvert, pervert, render disgusting, and destroy. For examples, look in any direction.

Giving even another millimeter to moonbats is not an option.

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