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Nov 21 2021

Boycott Black Rifle Coffee

Looks like Black Rifle Coffee is on board with the campaign to remake the military in the image of liberal degeneracy. WARNING — this is tasteless in the extreme:

That was consistent with the emphasis top brass places on “diversity” rather than combat effectiveness under Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

These days virtually every company rams moonbattery down your throat. You can’t boycott all of them. But the ones that position themselves as conservative alternatives, then turn around and pander to leftists deserve special consideration. Chick-fil-A comes to mind. So does Black Rifle Coffee.

Via Big League Politics:

Black Rifle Coffee earned their name as a “conservative” alternative to Starbucks run by former members of the United States Military.


Evan Hafer, the company founder, publicly disavowed Kenosha Hero Kyle Rittenhouse and condemned conservatives. Hafer also scrapped a coffee bag featuring Saint Michael The Archangel because he felt that it would appeal to white supremacists. Saint Michael is commonly seen as the patron-saint of the military and first responders and theologically is the leader of God’s army of angels in the New Testament.

Saint Michael has been canceled for reminding moonbats of white supremacists.

No need to drink Starbucks, although that would be better than Black Rifle. There are other alternatives — including Stocking Mill Coffee, which defies the liberal establishment by celebrating justice being served in Kenosha:

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