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Sep 29 2022

Britons Pay to Make African Children Eat Bugs

The global elite want to make us eat bugs, whether in the form of mealworms, crickets, larvae, cockroach milk, or maggot butter. Problem is, they have not yet destroyed the economy, so they don’t have enough leverage to force the issue. Africa is another matter:

The British government is funding projects pushing Africans to farm and consume insects, including school-age children, in randomized trials, to assess their effects.

If all goes well, Brits will go from being forced to pay for it to eating creepy-crawlies themselves.

The United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) – a subsidiary of the country’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – is responsible for backing the projects taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe.

With a roughly $320,000 grant from the aid office, researchers in Zimbabwe will be experimenting with using mopane worms in porridge served to children in schools.

For that kind of money, you could get them started raising crops. Then they could feed themselves. But that would make it be too warm outside, according to moonbat doctrine.

Intones academic entomologist Dr Sarah Beynon, founder of the Bug Farm in Pembrokeshire,

“With a population that has an appetite set to far exceed the planetary limits, and with current agriculture decimating biodiversity and changing the climate, we have no option but to change how we produce and consume food … and our views on the topic too.”

Changing our views to comply with their ideology is the first task of the ruling class.

Zimbabwe was known as the Breadbasket of Africa, back when it was also known as Rhodesia. Then came moonbattery, which replaced white farmers with hyperinflation and starvation in the name of leftist politics.

The Caucasian colonizers are back. Unfortunately, this time they are there not to extend civilization but to spread more moonbattery.

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2 Responses to “Britons Pay to Make African Children Eat Bugs”

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  2. […] aren’t just feeding the bugs to African children anymore. Dutch kids have to eat them […]


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