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Oct 17 2022

Moonbats Force Dutch Children to Eat Insects

The Liberal World Order — via mouthpieces like the World Economic Forum and the BBC — has made it clear that in utopia, the little people will eat insects to please the climate. As with the transsexual agenda, children are targeted, because they put up less resistance, not understanding what is being done to them.

They aren’t just feeding the bugs to African children anymore. Dutch kids have to eat them too:

Holland is the world’s #2 agricultural exporter after the USA. But that won’t last with the government shutting down farms for environmentalist reasons and to make room for refugee resettlement camps. Dutch cuisine of the future will consist of creepy-crawlies doled out by Big Government.

British schoolchildren will also find insects on the menu.

As you might guess, eating bugs is not good for your health. It is an effective way to contract parasites. But pleasing the climate is what counts.

The greater the sacrifice, the nicer the climate, per moonbat ideology. If making children eat insects doesn’t perfect the weather, we might try flinging them down volcanoes.

On tips from Chris Neilson and Folksy Grandpa Joe.


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