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Sep 12 2023

Burbank Mayor Publicly Spanked by Drag Queen

Liberal rule means having your money spent and your life micromanaged by the caliber of people who become Democrat politicians — people like Konstantine Anthony, Mayor of Burbank, who was last seen undergoing a public spanking by a drag queen at an event hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats to which children had been invited.

Foxxy Roxy Wood was there to engage in perverted foreplay with the mayor and to “protect democracy,” per SCVD Chair Andrew Taban.

As noted at Daily Caller:

Wood’s advertisement of the event noted that children as young as 15 were permitted to attend the “annual Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser,” according to an Instagram post. …

The mayor did not respond to questions about whether or not it would have been appropriate for 15-year-olds to attend.

Although Anthony denies children were actually present, he has not hesitated to grind LGBTism into kids’ faces:

Anthony previously claimed that the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” which features images of adolescents performing oral sex on each other with and masturbating, was not “sexualized” during an appearance on the WiseNuts podcast in July, according to the California Globe.

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has also advocated subjecting children to the pedophilic homosexual pornography Gender Queer.

Americans held off the British Empire, the imperial Japanese, the Nazis, and the Soviets — then fell to Democrats.

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