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Sep 11 2020

Burger King Pushes Social Engineering Envelope

The liberal establishment has been fundamentally transforming Western culture into something very different, which we will neither recognize nor find appealing. Having to watch athletes express contempt instead of respect for America when the national anthem is played is an obvious example. The advertising industry is another.

These days, it seems every major corporation jockeys to position itself as even more woke than the others. The point of advertising is no longer to sell a product, but to throw elbows on behalf of political correctness. Burger King throws a sharp one:

Burger King has launched a new advertising campaign in Finland featuring its eponymous mascot sharing a deep kiss with Ronald McDonald, along with the English slogan ‘Love Conquers All’.

“Love” is Liberalese for “divergent sexuality.”

The image is front and centre on the landing page of the fast food chain’s Finnish website, with various outlets with a focus on advertising showing physical posters at locations such as public bus stops as well.

The idea appears not to be to convince people to buy one brand of junk food over another, but to make propaganda supporting the LGBT agenda still more inescapable.

Despite the characteristic paleness of Finland, the campaign specifically promotes nonwhites of the LGBT persuasion by featuring a gay pride flag topped with black and brown stripes, probably to kowtow to rioting Black Lives Matter militants.

In case you want to see the family-unfriendly image for yourself and it is no longer on the Finnish Burger King landing page, here it is on Instagram.

If this flies in Finland, expect to see it here. Soon afterward, companies like Burger King will push the envelop still further. The public may be subjected to posters featuring increasingly explicit gay sex.

Or, having conquered that hill, the social engineers may move in a different direction. The liberal establishment’s embrace of Netflix’s Cuties suggests a possibility:

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