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Aug 23 2020

Understanding Woke Capitalism

One of the most bizarre phenomena of this bizarre year has been watching Corporate America leap en masse to embrace the radical cause of Black Lives Matter. Sam Jacobs helps us make sense of woke capitalism at sponsor

Wokeness is a new euphemism for a strategy that dates back generations. Black Lives Matter is avowedly Marxist; more specifically it is cultural Marxist. The focus is not on economics, but on playing off identity groups against the core population. The original objective of this Frankfurt School strategy is to bring down Western Civilization so that something more to leftists’ liking can be imposed in its place.

In the short term, this form of radicalism is less threatening to large corporations than eat-the-rich Marxism. Donating a few $million to rioting Black Panther types is cheaper than having the government nationalize the company and send its executives to a gulag.

Plus, there is a buck to be made.

[T]he larger companies in America, including the big banks in New York, the tech companies in Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry in South California and the cable news companies that cover the goings on in Washington, D.C., are all interested in chasing after the dollar of urban wokes. Increased wealth concentration, including the massive transfer of wealth that happened under the COVID-19 panic and subsequent lockdown, have made big companies increasingly the only game in town, with smaller, more responsive Main Street America businesses becoming more and more marginalized where they continue to exist at all.

As for regular Americans in flyover country,

It’s not that big companies think they’re too good for your money – they just know that you don’t have anywhere else to go.

Wokeism is usually installed in college. The college-educated have more money to spend.

There is also the spectre of the unmarried and the childless: these people will also have significantly greater disposable income than married couples with children living in smaller flyover cities.

Corporate wokeism potentially saves more money than it costs. High Priestess of Political Correctness Robin DiAngelo is paid a fortunate to spew her corrosive antiwhite racism at corporate seminars. However,

While $12,000 a day might sound like a lot of money, we should compare the corporate cost of a DiAngelo seminar to increasing wages for workers, or offering additional benefits, or providing mentoring programs for new employees or literally anything that might benefit employees in the long term. Such programs would be extremely costly in comparison to the piddling cost associated with a day of lost productivity spent on indoctrination, which also has the important side benefits of eroding worker solidarity and providing a cheap and easy PR win for woke consumers. … What’s more, diversity training seminars and woke mobs make it much easier to fire – and thus control – employees.

Wokeness is a pernicious ideology tailor-made to destroy social cohesion by turning us against each other and undermining fundamentals like patriotism and the family — both of which are explicitly attacked by Black Lives Matter. But some believe that what is bad for America is good for Corporate America.

There is a benefit to the erosion of certain social values that have maintained Western civilization for hundreds of years. Woke capitalism is an attack on the nuclear family and Western civilization while providing nothing in its place. After all, who makes for better consumers than childless atoms whose only values are the prevailing cultural diktats of the day?

Read the whole piece here, and as always, stock up on discount ammo while you are there.


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