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May 10 2023

California Stasi Hotline

Like East Germany, except nauseatingly liberal — that’s California under the rule of leftists like Gavin Newsom, who proudly announces a Stasi hotline for turning in thought criminals:

Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and the California Civil Rights Department announced the launch of CA vs Hate. Through the hotline, Californians will be able to snitch on their neighbors for committing “hate acts,” which the service explicitly states do not always include violence.

Violent crime is disproportionately committed by an identity group designated as “oppressed.” How could an oppressed person commit a hate crime? From the moonbat viewpoint, it would not compute.

“A hate incident is a hostile expression or action that may be motivated by bias against another person’s actual or perceived identity,” the website states.

The list of protected identities goes on long enough to lull you to sleep. Authorities wake up with a start when the alleged victims are blacks, sexual deviants, or illegal aliens.

Acts of hate include “derogatory name calling.” Not even the Stasi would terrorize people over that.

The new hotline, Newsom explained, is “an unequivocal message that hate will not be tolerated” in California.

Define “hate” as “defiance of moonbattery” and these could be the first true words Newsom has spoken in public.

Reports made to the hotline “will not be shared with law enforcement,” unless the person making a report requests it. The hotline, however, will share information with law enforcement “if needed.”

Meanwhile, actual crime is so rampant in California that it is becoming impossible to do business there. Even child rapists are released after minimal jail time.

The term for the California system of government is “anarchotyranny.”

As with the global warming hoax, Democrats are snuffing out liberty to fix a problem that does not exist in any significant sense. As Michael Shellenberger notes,

“California’s total number of hate crime complaints is trivial. There were just 285 hate crime complaints in California, a state with 39 million people, in 2021. There was an order of magnitude more homicides in California, 2,361, in 2021.”

They say one in 100 East Germans was an informant for the communist secret police. California could top that by paying a bounty on thought criminals. But the kooks in charge appear likely to spend themselves into insolvency paying people to be black instead.

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