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Jan 03 2022

Canada to Ban Plastic Items

There is nothing worth having that moonbats won’t take away from you. In Canada, they are starting with the little things:

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault published draft regulations Tuesday outlining how Canada will ban the manufacture, sale and import of [plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam takeout containers], along with plastic cutlery, stir sticks, straws and six-pack rings, by the end of next year.

Banning everyday items that make life more convenient is only the beginning.

[Guilbeault] said the ban is only part of the story because what isn’t being banned has got to be recycled. …

Standards for plastics to make them easier to recycle, as well as a requirement that half of all plastic packaging must be made of recycled material, are also coming, he said.

The polar bears will never know the difference, but you will, as imposed inefficiency drives prices higher.

Too much tyranny is never enough to suit the activists driving the agenda. Karen Wirsig of Environmental Defence barks that Big Government “also needs to expand the list of banned single-use plastics, including hot and cold drink cups and lids.”

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation also wants to see more banned:

“We also need to expand this ban to include all unnecessary items of single use plastic, and we expect this list to be expanded in the New Year,” Gretchen Fitzgerald, the national programs director, said in a statement.

Imagine living in a world where you are only allowed to have what leftists consider it necessary for you to have.

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