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Aug 26 2020

CBS News Reports on “Peaceful” Protests in Riot-Ripped Kenosha

You may as well get your news from comic books as from CBS News, which astonishingly tries to spin the deadly rioting that is reducing Kenosha, Wisconsin to a smoking ruin as “peaceful” and worse yet, justified.

Gayle King described Day 2 of the riots as ““a second day of peaceful protests, which is what the Black Lives Matter is really about,” although she was forced to admit there were “clashes overnight.”

BLM being “really about” peaceful protests will come as news to the countless business owners whose lives have gone up in smoke in the name of this Marxist movement as riots rage throughout the country.

You could hardly tell from CBS’s ham-fistedly distorted coverage that Jacob Blake was shot not because police are racists and maniacs, but because he gave every indication of going for a gun. Law enforcement officers cannot keep us safe if they just stand there and wait to be murdered by violent criminals who ignore their orders.

More news on the peaceful protests in Kenosha:

An elderly man was injured after attempting to protect a Kenosha mattress store before it burned down during violent protests Monday night. The man in his 70s was hurt while trying to stop people from burning the building down, but fire leveled the building…

The mattresses must have engaged in white privilege.

No doubt CBS News would describe the sucker punch that could have killed this gent as “mostly peaceful.” The assailant was probably just peacefully protesting until the situation unexpectedly gave way to a clash.

Meanwhile, NBC’s Lester Holt denounces Melania Trump for speaking out against mob violence. Barks Holt:

“She may have raised eyebrows when she talked about the need to stop looting in the name of justice. There will be those who will take offense to that who are in the streets protesting, not necessarily looting.”

These riots have been going on for 3 months now. Everyone who takes part in them knows that they are likely to result in mayhem. Therefore, everyone who takes part in them is a rioter, not a “peaceful protester,” regardless of whether they personally sucker punch an old man and burn down his store.

If there is a moral level below even Black Lives Matter rioters, it is occupied by the media apparatchiks who enable and encourage them.

Hat tips: Summit News, Liberty Daily.


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