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Aug 26 2020

Pat Oertle, Victim of Black Lives Matter and Its Supporters

If you approve of what happened to Pat Oertle, whose Kenosha business was destroyed by mostly peaceful rioters, by all means vote for the party that supports it:

“It makes no sense! Why? Why?” Oertle asked in an interview with the Associated Press.

She has owned and operated the Computer Adventure sales shop along with her husband for 30 years.

“They took computers, they took,” she said, overwhelmed. “If you want to take it, don’t destroy everything else!”

BLM isn’t just about looting. It is mainly about achieving power through otherwise senseless destruction.

“Oh my God, nobody deserves this,” Oertle said. “This accomplishes nothing!”

On the contrary, it must accomplish something. Otherwise, why would the entire liberal establishment (the Democratic Party, the media, Big Corporations, pro sports, public schools, etc) be in full court press mode to promote Black Lives Matter, thereby ensuring that the riots escalate?

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