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Oct 21 2020

ChiComs Expand Their Influence in USA

If you have enjoyed COVID-19, you will love some of the other ways communist China is imposing itself on the USA.

China’s cheap labor (often slave labor) and unfair trade practices have made us reliant on their products, particularly pharmaceuticals. With the money we send them, they have been buying up our real estate, driving up prices and taking control of farmland.

The press is largely silent on the menace posed by expansionist China. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, and Bloomberg all have financial ties to the regime.

So does Hollywood. China is such a large market that it can dictate movie content. It has been gaining control of movie distribution even within our country.

Via Libertas Bella:

Dalian Wanda is a Chinese firm that stands as an exemplar of how Chinese penetration of the American media market will work. It is, since 2012, the owner of the AMC theater chain, which it then used to purchase Carmike Cinemas.

When taken together, these two companies form the largest chain of theaters in the United States, giving a Chinese firm a massive amount of leverage over the American movie marketplace. The parent company, Dalian Wanda, has been very candid about its intention to use ownership of these chains to promote Chinese interests in the United States.

They would like to take even more direct control.

Dalian Wanda and other Chinese firms are also looking to acquire significant stakes in American film production companies, controlling the content that Americans — and, of course, the world market — can see from the very source.

Given that China is USA’s primary rival, its expanding influence in entertainment will drive the entertainment industry viewpoint even further toward the anti-American Left.

China is also making inroads into the gaming industry, further expanding propaganda opportunities.

And, of course, there was also TikTok, the Chinese social media platform popular with “Zoomers” that was little more than Chinese spyware. The Trump Administration moved to either ban it or force China to sell it to an American firm.

That sort of pushback will stop if Democrats take control of the country. Hunter Biden’s emails suggest that the ChiComs may already have Joe Biden on the payroll. Democrats appear to see communist China not as a rival but as a role model.


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