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Jan 22 2022

Clown Trolls Portland City Council Clowns

Who better to troll the clowns comprising the Portland City Council than another clown? This one does a fine job:

Ronald Grimaldi’s claim to have broken his funny bone is belied by his remarks that “as someone in my profession, Mayor Wheeler has been a great inspiration to me” and that “as a clown, I certainly don’t feel underrepresented in local government.” His nomination of Mayor Ted Wheeler as Clown of the Year deserves to be seconded.

This was followed at the same meeting by another prank:

The comedian, Alex Stein, wore hospital scrubs and a surgical mask around his neck as he launched into a rhyming routine promoting vaccinations against the coronavirus, a schtick that garnered him national headlines last week when he delivered it before the Dallas City Council.

This time the mayor, visibly miffed, cut Stein off.

Maybe it’s Wheeler who broke his funny bone. The Dallas City Council let Stein go on with his act for several minutes.

On a tip from Jester.


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