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Jul 03 2022

CNN Anchor: Taliban Won’t Respect Us on Women’s Rights

At first it seemed wonderful that the Supreme Court confirmed the Constitution says what it says, not what left-wing activists would like it to say. The repeal of Roe v. Wade will preserve not only our system of government but many thousands of innocent lives, despite leaving abortion alone in the parts of the country that want it. But then British-Iranian propagandist Christiane Amanpour revealed that the Taliban might not respect this alleged encroachment on women’s rights:

“And let us just not forget that I’ve covered repressive regimes who have set back women’s rights throughout my career, never in the history of women’s rights in America have we seen such a reversal in a developed country. It just hasn’t happened, and the rest of the world is watching this very, very closely as America talks about, you know, shoring up democracy abroad, it really has to happen at home as well. Particularly for women’s rights,” she lamented.

Never mind that abortion will still be more restricted in Europe than in most of the USA, Roe or no Roe. Only six other countries in the world allow abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Half of them are communist regimes where neither women nor anyone else has rights: China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

Amanpour expanded upon her emotional plea by arguing the Taliban wouldn’t even respect the United States’ commitment to women’s rights anymore.

“Again, I would also say that as a conclusion, American democracy and the state of American women’s rights are being really looked at, not just by the rest of the West, as these meetings are happening, but by the rest of the world. You think the Taliban are going to actually say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to adhere to what you tell us for recognition based on what, you know, on what we do about women’?” she expressed skeptically.

The Taliban is infamous for repressing women, whom they will not allow to become educated or even to show their faces in public. Christiane Amanpour is infamous for making absurdly inappropriate comparisons in inept attempts to prop up her ideology.

After the 2020 presidential election, she said on CNN that the Trump presidency reminded her of the Holocaust.

Fortunately, she works for CNN, so few people will be disoriented by her pernicious blathering.

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