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Sep 14 2023

CNN Lists a Few Biden Lies

As we were reminded when Biden marked the anniversary of September 11 by falsely claiming to have been at Ground Zero the next day and to have witnessed the attack on the Pentagon, he is not merely a liar but a compulsive liar, who lies brazenly and constantly, with no consideration for how easily his lies are debunked. This is a manifestation of mental illness; either Biden literally cannot stop himself from lying due to a severe personality disorder, or he is psychotic and cannot distinguish reality from his self-aggrandizing fantasies. Even the regime stenographers at CNN are getting sick of it:

While this guy did not have time to list more than a tiny fraction of Biden’s lies, he skipped some true doozies, like Biden being Catholic, having attended a black church, having gone to a black college, being the first in his family to attend college, having done well in college, having taught constitutional law for over 20 years, having cured cancer, and even having been arrested in South Africa for trying to meet with liberal demigod Nelson Mandela.

The Washington Post maintained a database of alleged lies told by Donald Trump, but declined to do so for Biden, possibly due to insufficient capacity to deal with the sheer volume.

Back in 1988, when we still had standards, Biden’s run for president collapsed amid gales of laughter in part due to his absurd lies. Senility may aggravate Biden’s compulsive lying, but it isn’t the original cause.

That CNN would effectively admit Biden is a pathological liar with mental problems confirms that the liberal establishment is planning to install a new figurehead prior to the 2024 election.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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