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Jan 19 2024

Colorado Considers $3,000 Payments to Criminals

It pays to belong to an identity group favored by Democrats. Consider criminals in Colorado:

Democrats in the Colorado legislature have proposed a concerning new bill that aims to incentivize crime in the Centennial State. Under this bill, criminals would receive a cash payment of $3,000 upon their release from a Colorado prison.

The ostensible purpose of paying people to be criminals through Senate Bill 12 is to prevent recidivism. Were this an actual objective, authorities might consider making recreational drugs less accessible.

Just three years ago, liberal progressive Democrats in Colorado decriminalized the possession of dangerous drugs, allowing possession of less than a gram to be treated as a mere ticket offense. Experts have linked the availability of drugs, including marijuana, to a rise in homelessness, suicides, and recidivism in the state.

The actual purpose is to reward a group that has been loyal in its support. If a criminal is going to vote, who else would he vote for if not the party of colleague Joe Biden?

You can see why voting privileges for felons are a Democrat priority, Constitution be damned.

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