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Apr 24 2023

Compare School Reading Lists of California and Florida

As liberals become ever more radicalized, America is splitting apart into two separate societies — one of which has no culture because it is at war with our heritage and has nothing to replace it with but moonbattery. Compare and contrast education in the California of Gavin Newsom and the Florida of Ron DeSantis:

Review the California Department of Education Recommended Literature List to confirm that liberals are indoctrinating kids with left-wing garbage rather than educating them. Then compare it to the classics of world literature listed at Florida’s B.E.S.T.* Standards English Language Arts.

*Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking.

Florida has kids reading Shakespeare in the 7th grade. Blue state liberals have children investigating the world of sexual perversion from kindergarten.

In light of the comparison, no sane parent would rather have their child educated in California than Florida.

If Western Civilization survives despite the woke generation, it will be because of the sort of people who run Florida, and despite the sort of people running California.

Which way will America go? That’s up to voters — Republican primary voters in particular.

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