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Jan 06 2023

Congrats to Adam Kinzinger on This Special Day

Today is January 6, the most significant day on the moonbat calendar. On this date in the glorious year of 2021, it was proven beyond dispute that opposition to the Democratic Party constitutes a Threat to Democracy and that complaining about the voter fraud that is a key component of that party’s electoral strategy constitutes insurrection.

In honor of this holiday, let us congratulate one of the brightest stars in the 1/6 firmament, turncoat congresscritter Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who was so willing to sacrifice self-respect to curry favor with the leftist ruling class that he wept crocodile tears over a guy in a buffalo costume trespassing in the People’s House during one of Nancy Pelosi et al.’s innumerable show trials. Kinzinger has been rewarded with more suitable employment. Just days after leaving Congress, he has taken a position as a propagandist for a major Democratic Party misinformation organ:

CNN announced Wednesday that Kinzinger, who officially left Congress this week after choosing not to seek reelection in the 2022 midterms, has joined the network as a senior political commentator. …

Kinzinger, one of the lawmakers on the House Jan. 6 Committee, was a frequent guest on CNN over the past two years, invited on-air to bash former President Trump and the majority of Republicans.

Only two Republicans were sufficiently obedient to Nancy Pelosi’s demands to serve on the Committee, the other being Liz Cheney. Neither will be in the new Congress. Whereas Cheney was erased in the primaries in a historic blowout, Kinzinger did not have the courage to face voters.

The Kinzinger news does not come as a surprise:

Critics have long asserted that Kinzinger’s anti-Trump commentary signaled his desire to join a liberal news network at the end of his term. …

“It’s the least CNN could do after his 2-year apprenticeship there,” Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross mocked the announcement.

We’ll see where Liz Cheney washes up. The lefties at the Los Angeles Times dream of her becoming Speaker of the House, but MSNBC is a more likely possibility. She raked in so much loot as a congresscritter that she doesn’t need to work at all.

Democrats could have no more appropriate hero than Adam Kinzinger. Let’s all be thankful that this teary-eyed fool is no longer in a position to start a nuclear war with Russia.

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