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Apr 08 2021

Corporate Converts to the Church of Moonbattery

Trying to reason with moonbats is pointless largely because their ideology is not a point of view but a religion, supported not by rational arguments but by faith. Gerard Baker describes this Church of Moonbattery:

Penitents line up to be shriven for their white privilege, bending the knee before the altar of justice and equity. They present pendants of the martyred St. George of Minneapolis for blessing from Hollywood prelates and Ivy League divines, solemnly chanting canticles from the Black Lives Matter breviary.

The gelatinous corporate leaders of Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines allowed the Biden Regime to strongarm them into providing propaganda support for its mendacious campaign against even the most tepid constraints on election fraud, under the pretense that honest elections are somehow racist. They are converts to the Church of Moonbattery.

After long careers in which they seemed happy to let their talents propel them to unimaginable wealth, they’ve now discovered that the society that elevated them was founded in evil.

But instead of doing the honorable thing, and stepping down in favor of some less-privileged underling, they demonstrate a commitment to the faith by denouncing others. Here you have the essence of the new faith and morals of the woke classes, the truly privileged people in our society: I’m not to blame, you understand; it’s all those other white folk.

Achieving salvation under Wokism is easy. You don’t have to make sacrifices yourself. You sacrifice others. You might sacrifice your country, by undermining the integrity of its elections.

However, abandoning principle so as to pander to prevailing powers does not always work out as planned. Baker gives the example of Thomas Cranmer:

He was the 16th-century archbishop of Canterbury who rose to prominence as a loyal cleric under Henry VIII. When the king forced him to choose between his faith and his head, he jumped aboard the reformation bandwagon and denounced Rome. Unfortunately for Cranmer and other religious opportunists, their world changed awkwardly when Queen Mary, the vengeful daughter of Henry’s discarded wife, came to the throne and reinstated Catholic primacy. Cranmer, like these modern-day CEOs, quickly pledged his loyalty to the new order.

Mary’s response was to thank him for the recantation, publicly parade it as an important endorsement of her new regime, and proceed to have him burned at the stake anyway.

The woke mob might cancel anyone — even the Alinskyite community organizer who did more than anyone else to set the country on the path to division and self-destruction, the Moonbat Messiah himself. Barack Obama now stands denounced as a deporter who “does not represent the undocumented community.” Do the corporate invertebrates running MLB, Woke-a-Cola, et cetera really think the crocodile will save them for last?

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