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Apr 21 2021

Race Thugs Bully Home Depot in Democrat Power Grab

The reason Democrats vehemently oppose a Georgia voting law that is no more restrictive than laws in many blue states is that they are setting the stage to ram through HR1, which would allow them to institutionalize voter fraud at the federal level, potentially guaranteeing them total power for the foreseeable future. The reason so many corporations noisily back them is that if Democrats achieve single-party tyranny, those who helped will be rewarded. Those who stood in the way will be punished — as will those who just tried to stay out of it. Already, an example is being made of Home Depot:

After weeks of talks with top executives of some of the state’s largest companies, a coalition of influential Georgia faith leaders called for a boycott of Home Depot on Tuesday, the first promised action by the group which has vowed to punish companies they claim have not strongly and publicly opposed the state’s new election law.

These are “faith leaders” of the Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson variety. A less charitable description would be “race thugs.” If the race thugs who loot and destroy under the banner of Black Lives Matter are corporals, these are lieutenants. Both serve as the Democrat Party’s enforcers.

The thugs have announced a nationwide boycott of Home Depot.

Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, who heads the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and has led the faith leaders’ opposition to the law, was not at the press conference but released a statement accusing Home Depot of remaining “silent and indifferent” to the plight of Black voters.

As automatons shriek on college campuses, silence is violence. Progressives have progressed from not tolerating resistance to not tolerating neutrality. Sing from their hymnal or face the consequences.

The Rev. Timothy McDonald III, senior pastor of First Iconium Baptist Church and founder of the African American Ministers Leadership Council, said the boycott was in “Phase 1″ and warned things could escalate.

McDonald says Phase 2 is deploying a mob to block entrances and occupy stores so that they cannot do business.

What do you suppose Phase 3 might be? Looting? Arson? The idea is to get the people running Home Depot wondering.

As the Derek Chauvin verdict confirmed, we are ruled by the mob now. Stand up to it and you are likely to get hurt. But at least you can regard yourself as an American, rather than something that crawls on its belly like the mollusks running Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta, et cetera.

Initially, faith leaders and voting rights advocates singled out several companies they criticized for saying nothing or offering bland statements about election restrictions. Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola eventually used more forceful language, calling the law “unacceptable.”

Bullying works in a country where character and rule of law are both succumbing to liberal decay.

In addition to speaking out collectively against Georgia’s law, the faith leaders are demanding that the companies back litigation seeking to block the law, oppose similar legislation in other states, and support federal legislation they say would provide uniformity in voting laws across the country.

That last part is the endgame: HR1. Once that has been passed, and the Supreme Court has been packed to prevent it from being ruled unconstitutional, Democrats won’t have to worry about what voters think of them.

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