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Oct 17 2020

Countermoonbat and Moonbat Quotes of the Week

Daniel Henninger has written an excellent editorial on the liberal establishment’s ferocious hostility toward Amy Coney Barrett’s Christian religiosity. Unfortunately, it is behind a paywall at the Wall Street Journal. The piece includes key quotes from both the countermoonbat and moonbat viewpoints.

From the countermoonbat side, Henninger makes this astute observation:

Perhaps it is a sign of the dominant culture’s lack of confidence in the durability of its own value system that its main tool of opposition isn’t argument but suppression and condescension.

Lately liberals have been making use of a third tool: physical intimidation, prominently featuring rioting. However, rational argumentation is not in their toolset. People tend to become liberal for the same reason Muslims become Muslims; they are bullied into conforming to the ruling class ideology.

Speaking of the ruling class, Henninger quotes its flagship publication, the New York Times:

“Critics” say [Amy Coney Barrett’s] life has been spent “in a cocoon of like-minded thinking that in many areas runs counter to the views of a majority of Americans.”

The cocoon of like-minded thinking in which New York Times propagandists spend their lives must not have any mirrors. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. It is not possible for conservatives to live in such an insular cocoon, because liberals control the media.

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