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Jan 03 2021

COVID-1984 North of the Border

Liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald wants to hurt “antimaskers.” The anger is reciprocated by people getting sick of coronavirus Karens, COVID hypocrites, and stories like this:

Gatineau [Quebec, Canada] police said that two people were arrested and fines were given out after they received a call notifying them of a six-person gathering on New Year’s Eve. Both indoor and outdoor private gatherings are banned as part of Quebec’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CTV News. …

The man in the video [see below] … was charged with obstructing an officer and assault, and the home’s owner was arrested and charged for alleged refusal to provide personal information…

Fines of $1,546 were also reportedly levied against all of the people at the gathering.

Here’s the video:


This has got to go viral. Retweet en masse, friends. Light must be shined on this event.

If Canada has its own version of Dr Fauci, he ought to reassure the public by confirming that large contingents of police bursting into people’s homes to yell in their faces and arrest them does not spread WuFlu.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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