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Jan 03 2021

Leftist Mob Turns on Nancy Pelosi

Anyone who thought the leftist mob that Democrats have nurtured and encouraged could ever be satisfied should consider what they did to one of Nancy Pelosi’s residences. Via ABC 7:

A home in San Francisco belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was vandalized early Friday morning with an apparent reference to lawmakers’ failed efforts to provide Americans with $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks.

Another $600 apiece just for breathing was not enough. Start handing out something for free and demands for more will inevitably escalate. This is why people are advised not to feed wild animals.

Like Trump, Pelosi wants to give everyone another $2,000, to be paid for through inflation by anyone with savings or on a fixed income. But she has failed to come through with the cash, so the mob is getting restless.

The graffiti was found on the garage door of Pelosi’s home overnight with the phrases “$2K”, “Cancel rent!” and “We want everything.”

They do mean everything. The Frankenstein monster liberals created won’t settle for anything less.

The vandals also left fake blood and what appears to be a pig head outside the House Speaker’s San Francisco home.

It could be that Pelosi’s Marxist rhetoric denouncing “disparities in income” is not ringing true among her fellow left-wingers. Incidentally, she is worth $114 million.

The graffiti on Pelosi’s garage includes a demand for “UBI” — i.e., universal basic income. They don’t want an unearned $2,000 check just once. They want one on a regular basis for the rest of their lives. When they get it, they will demand $3,000 checks, then $4,000…

Mitch McConnell, who proved responsible enough to block the $2,000 handout, received similar treatment. Note that the mob does not distinguish between those who actively oppose it and those who try but fail to grant its demands.

Hilariously, McConnell’s door was vandalized with a misspelled attempt to write “Where’s my money?” Everyone else’s money rightfully belongs to leftists, according to the ideology the liberal establishment has cultivated.

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