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Sep 28 2020

Cream of Wheat Chef Banished for Being Black

Politically correct totalitarianism apparently requires that non-Caucasians be removed from packaging. Aunt Jemima, gone. Uncle Ben, gone. The Land O’ Lakes Indian maiden, gone. The black chef on Cream of Wheat boxes, modeled on Chicago chef Frank White, now follows them down the memory hole:

Cream of Wheat is ditching the Black chef from its packaging as food companies reconsider marketing imagery that appears to rely on racial stereotypes.

Why is it racist for a chef to be black?

The brand dates back to 1893 and had previously used a Black chef character named “Rastus” in its advertising, Fox Business previously reported. The name had also appeared in pejorative “Uncle Remus” stories, and ads from the 1920s depicted the mascot as barely literate.

Since it isn’t possible to purge advertising from a century ago, the current packaging must be purged instead, so that B&G Foods can signal its obsequious compliance with the prevailing ideology.

The company is also working with culinary schools to provide race-based scholarships — because racism is bad.

Future packaging will have to be devoid of human faces, because replacing nonwhites with whites would be even more racist than leaving the nonwhites alone. Again we see that political correctness is correlated with cultural drabness.

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