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Sep 11 2021

CRT Primer: How “All Lives Matter” Leads to Mass Murder

Biden’s outrageous Covid degrees confirm that we are entering an authoritarian moment, as Ben Shapiro puts it. Authoritarian regimes require an ideology to justify the crimes they commit against liberty and humanity. The ideology of ruling Democrats is critical race theory.

Because this is a totalitarian creed, progressives increasingly impose it on every aspect of society. If we are going to live under it, or better still overcome it, we need to understand it.

Like many powerful corporations, Google subjects its employees to indoctrination in CRT theology, according to which one level of thoughtcrime inevitably leads to another: indifference to minimization to veiled racism to discrimination to calls for violence to violence to mass murder. This is why if you aren’t willing to loot a shopping mall and tear down statues of George Washington on behalf of Black Lives Matter — or if you think all lives matter, not only black ones — you are morally equivalent to a mass murderer.

Per CRT dogma, Ben Shapiro is also the moral equivalent of a mass murderer. For the time being, he is still allowed to fight back via the Google subsidiary YouTube:

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