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Dec 27 2023

Cuba Resorts to Euthanasia

At least the future under leftist rule won’t catch us by surprise. We can see it 90 miles off the coast. As it approaches end-stage statism, Cuba prepares to exterminate what remains of its shrinking population:

Cuba’s Communist Party approved changes to the nation’s health code that, once formally implemented, will allow euthanasia under the country’s barely functional healthcare system.

The law promises “dignified death.” Under communism, dignity is not allowed even in life.

We are told by members of the liberal elite that Cuba’s socialist healthcare system is to be emulated. Those who know what they are talking about have a different viewpoint:

“I have had to cast a patient with a piece of cardboard. The scissors and the stethoscope you have to take care of as if they were gold; if you are careless, they steal them in the consultation room. Since we lack paper, we don’t even have prescriptions,” A Cuban orthopedic specialist told Diario Las Americas in December.


The impending introduction of euthanasia also comes as Cuba continues to face a severe population collapse fueled by declining birth rates…

Again we see that leftism is opposed to human life.

Despite having achieved communism more quickly, Cuba’s rulers lag behind their fellow lefties to our north regarding euthanasia. In Canada, even Catholic institutions are on board with Medical Assistance in Dying, which authorities have presented as a solution to long wait times, anorexia, PTSD, poverty, and needing a wheelchair lift (not for regretting sex change surgery though).

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