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Oct 09 2020

Cultural Marxism: A Primer

The ideology of our liberal ruling class is Cultural Marxism. A piece hosted at sponsor looks into the history of this intellectual equivalent of a bioweapon.

The first major figure in the development of Cultural Marxism was the former head of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci, who shifted the emphasis of Marxism from economics to culture. He realized that politics is downstream of culture; therefore, if you want to control politics, you must control culture first.

After Gramsci came the Frankfurt School, which included the Father of the New Left, Herbert Marcuse.

Marcuse’s most important contribution as far as we are concerned is the notion of “repressive tolerance.” … Tolerance should only be applied to left-wing groups and ideas, while right-wing groups and ideas should be mercilessly suppressed.

This has developed into today’s cancel culture, in which anyone deemed not fully compliant with current leftist ideology must be erased.

The Frankfurt school also included Max Horkheimer, who created Critical Theory, defined as subjecting every aspect of Western Civilization to relentless criticism. A few examples:

Air conditioning is sexist. Lawns are racist and so are single family homes. Not wanting to be intimate with someone who is HIV positive contributes to homophobia and the spread of AIDS. Physical fitness is a fascist impulse and trying to lose weight is a hateful act.

It is hard to stop laughing at the absurdity of this tactic long enough to resist it — which is one reason it has been so effective.

[I]t is important to note how dramatically the culture in the West has shifted since the 1950s – and how dramatically it has shifted even in the last ten years, when Barack Obama still opposed gay marriage and no serious person advocated that grown men who “identify as women” should be allowed to share restrooms and locker rooms with pre-pubescent girls.

German communist Rudi Dutschke deserves mention for coining the phrase “long march through the institutions.” This refers to the Long March by which communists took control of China. The Cultural Marxist long march entails infiltrating and subverting influential institutions. When ballplayers knelt to Black Lives Matter, professional sports fell to this long march, as education, the news media, and Hollywood had fallen before.

Classical Marxists overthrow by force. Cultural Marxists subvert from within and subordinate to their own objectives.

Cultural Marxism is interested not in revolution in the classical 19th-century sense of throwing up barricades, toppling the monarchy and setting up guillotines. Its interests lie in cultural transformations, after which other transformations (political and economic) can take place.

The champion of traditional Marxism is the worker…

Cultural Marxists, however, saw the revolutionary subject virtually anywhere but the working class. Third world peasants, student radicals, the non-aligned movement, racial and ethnic minorities, homosexuals, the mentally ill and transsexuals – all of these and others have been considered the vanguard of cultural revolution around the world by the Cultural Marxists. The shift of the revolutionary subject from workers to virtually everyone else is effectively an attempt to create a political-coalition-meets-religious-cult centered around notions of victimhood.

This cult has achieved hegemony by seizing control of the cultural high ground and using it to bombard our culture and traditions with Critical Theory.

[V]alues that have served Western civilization for thousands of years are painted as negative features. The male desire to protect women from danger becomes “patriarchy” and “paternalism.” The drive to attain mastery over the self and the environment that almost entirely defines Western culture is repainted as “authoritarian personality.” The normal desire for marriage and children becomes “heteronormativity,” just one option among many and a bad one at that. An appreciation for the philosophical and cultural achievements of Western civilization is “white supremacy,” an arbitrary system with no goal other than to keep other races down.

The consequences of this relentless brainwashing have been erupting on American streets for the past several months.

The education system is largely where the rubber meets the road in terms of Cultural Marxism moving from an esoteric academic ideology into something that influences the broader culture. It is not a mistake that a number of educators have been found among the ranks of the rioters. Nor is it a mistake that the rioters are disproportionately young and educated. They have been primed for this by 12 years of public education and another four at the university level – teaching them that Western civilization is an evil construct designed by white heterosexual men for the purpose of enslaving everyone else.

Once cultural hegemony has been attained, all they need to do is add the federal government to the list of institutions they have marched through. That could happen next month. From there, any resistance to Marxism will be a guerilla campaign against overwhelming odds.

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