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Oct 09 2020

Did Racial Deference Kill 1-Year-Old?

To avoid getting pilloried by the media, fired, and possibly thrown in prison, police officers have learned to show extraordinary deference to black guys. The consequences might be tragic, as when Sidney Deal locked his 1-year-old daughter in a hot car.

The Blaze reports:

Deal called the police Monday after he locked his keys inside his vehicle at his Las Vegas-area home.

His keys weren’t the only thing of importance locked up inside — his 1-year-old daughter was, too.

When police arrived on the scene, the officers offered to break the window or to call a locksmith or tow truck.

Deal declined and said that he was going to call his brother, instead.

He didn’t want to pay for a new window or even a tow truck. As everyone stood around dithering, the baby died, probably from the heat.

In an earlier time, the police would have pushed him out of the way, smashed the window immediately, and rescued the baby. But now that would be called racist oppression and set off riots. Police have been conditioned to adopt a more passive attitude.

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