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Oct 09 2020

Yelp Facilitates Cancelation of “Racist” Businesses

In a truly totalitarian society, repression is not imposed exclusively or even primarily by the government, because not even Big Government can be everywhere. To achieve the absolute absence of freedom, even relatively minor institutions must participate in imposing the official ideology and in punishing anyone accused of straying from it. For example, Yelp advances Cultural Marxism not only by discriminating in favor of preferred identity groups, but by facilitating the cancelation of accused thought criminals.

From the San Francisco company’s Official Blog:

At Yelp, we … have a zero tolerance policy to racism.

That is Orwellianese for “We are aggressively racist.”

Over the summer, Yelp rolled out a number of initiatives to help users find and support Black-owned businesses. We partnered with My Black Receipt on the launch of a Black-owned business attribute and joined the 15 Percent Pledge to further amplify Black-owned businesses.

A good racist (I mean “antiracist”) not only confers special favors on the privileged (I mean the “oppressed”), but also punishes the disfavored.

While searches for Black-owned businesses surged on Yelp, so did the volume of reviews warning users of racist behavior at businesses. Today, in response to this, we will now place a distinct Consumer Alert on business pages to caution people about businesses that may be associated with overtly racist actions.

Have a grudge against a business? Suspect the owners or maybe just someone who works there of supporting Trump or having some other nonapproved point of view? Yelp is eager to help you cancel them.

Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users…

Woke companies are the next best thing to the Stasi.

Lest there be any doubt what is driving this,

The new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert is an extension of our Public Attention Alert that we introduced in response to a rise in social activism surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Rioting works, if you want cultural leverage — so long as the establishment is sympathetic to your cause.

If Black Lives Matter/Antifa militants firebomb businesses Yelp has designated as “racist,” that will serve as an example to others to be very sure no one can accuse them of political incorrectness. That’s the kind of country we live in now.

Seriously, this is not from the Babylon Bee.

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