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Nov 20 2020

Cuomo Reveals What Frightens a Tyrant

Even the most ferocious tyrants know what it’s like to be afraid. Aggressively authoritarian New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who killed thousands of elderly people by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID patients, is a case in point. Here’s what scares him:

Cuomo ripped sheriffs in the state who’ve recently declared they won’t be enforcing Cuomo’s COVID-19 restrictions over Thanksgiving — particularly the one that bans gatherings of more than 10 people.

Cuomo, horrified that sheriffs would refuse to enforce his absurd decree…

…said such an attitude “is, frankly, frightening to me as an individual, frightening to democracy.”

That is, Cuomo is scared of resistance.

His next sentence is rich, coming from an arrogantly anti-Constitutional autocrat, who has tried to drive the NRA out of business for defending the Second Amendment and who opposes the First Amendment right to free practice of religion. Cuomo continues:

“It’s arrogant, and it violates your constitutional duty.”

On the contrary, refusal by LEOs to enforce unconstitutional decrees may allow the Second Amendment to survive a Biden Administration. If only Big Tech had American principles too, the First Amendment might also be saved from the coming repression.

On a tip from Henry.


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