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Nov 20 2020

Twitter Mob Calls for Reeducation Camps, Firing Squads

In the absence of effective pushback, how far will leftists push their agenda? All the way. Milestones on the road ahead include reeducation camps and firing squads.

Blue check moonbat David Atkins, a newly elected member of the Democratic National Committee, started a Twitter conversation rolling by asking how 75 million people (presumably a reference to Trump voters) could be deprogrammed — i.e., brainwashed to believe in leftist dogma.

Respondents surreally yet characteristically equated conservatives with Nazis. Trials for Trump supporters should be modeled on the Nuremberg trials. The irony of authoritarians calling people who believe in limited government “Nazis” escapes them; if they had any self-awareness, they would be shamed into discarding an ideology that accentuates their most appalling characteristics.

This apparently deleted response nicely sums up the mentality:

Another calls for more rigid censorship combined with socialism:

A moonbat going by StarlaD wants to “End the flow of false information suddenly and immediately” — i.e., suppress any speech that does not support the liberal narrative.

Americans are not going to reach reasonable agreements with these people. Either one side wins or the other does.

On a tip from Rapinhoe. Hat tip: Summit News.


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